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protection forest

A protected area under the NIPAS which has national significance characterized by the harmonious interaction of man, water and land while providing opportunities for public enjoyment through recreation and tourism within the normal lifestyle and economic activity of these areas.

protection land use

All initial components of NIPAS including identified virgin forest (natural primary forest) and mossy forest as well as any contiguous residual forest of good quality that are above 1000 meters above sea level and slope above 50%; all NIPAS areas such as strict nature reserve, natural park and wildlife sanctuary, protected landscape and seascape, resource reserve, natural biotic area, and other categories established by law, conventions or international agreements of which the Philippines is a signatory; and buffer strips i.e., 20 meters strip of land along the edge of the normal high waterline of rivers and streams and channels of at least 5 meters wide.

Provisional Timber Production Agreement

A temporary agreement entered into by and between the Secretary of DENR and an expired timber license holder for the continuity of its logging operation pending the issuance of a regular timber production.

public forest

Land of the public domain which has not been the subject of the present system of classification for the determination of which lands are needed for forest purposes and which are not.

public land

All land of the public domain except that have been classified as agricultural lands and subject to management and disposition or concession under existing laws.


A fibrous material produced by mechanically or chemically reducing woody plants into their component parts form which paper is formed.

pure stand

A stand in which a certain percentage, or instance at least 80% of the trees in the main crown canopy consist of a single species.