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salago bark

Bark obtained from the salago species (Wikstroemia and Phaleria spp.) primarily used in making paper money.

sanitation cutting

A direct control measure which involves the removal of all infested trees containing the brood or attacking adults or disease inoculums form an infested area o reduce the source of infestation or infection and prevent further buildup and spread of pests at the fastest possible time to minimize economic and ecological impact or damage on the natural stand or plantation.


A tree from 5 centimeters to less than 15 centimeters in DBH.


Outer portion of the woody stem usually distinguishable from the core by its lighter color.


The width of wood removed by the saw tooth while cutting.


A log considered suitable in size and quality for producing lumber.


A wood processing plant used for the conversion of logs or timber into lumber, or the re-sizing or ripping of lumber, slabs and other wood wastes into desired dimensions and forms.

sawtimber stand

Forest stand composed primarily of trees 35 cm or larger in diameter at breast height.


The removal of moisture from wood to achieve moisture content appropriate for the performance expected of the final product.


The process of sediment deposition, usually resulting from erosion.


Solid material, both mineral and organic, that is in suspension or being transported from its site origin by the forces of air, water or gravity.

seed orchard

A plantation consisting of clones or seedlings from selected tress for early abundant production of seed and to promote balanced, random mating.

seed production area

A plantation with known origin or stand of a natural forest with superior phenotypic characters selected on the basis of its maturity and capacity to produce abundant seeds. Majority of the trees are healthy, tall, big in diameter, straight bole, balanced crown and with proportional branch size.

seed tree method

A silviculture system whereby the entire stand is removed in a final cutting except for selected single seed trees in small groups to provide the seed for reproduction.


Nursery grown planting material smaller than 5 centimeters in diameter developed out of a seed.