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A general term for tannin producing barks like those form Pthecellobium ducle and Rhizophora species.


Water-soluble chemicals extracted from barks.

tension wood

Reaction formed typically on the upper side of branches or leaning or crooked stem of hardwood.


Guaranteed peaceful possession and use of specific forest and land area and the resources found therein, covered by an agreement, contract or grant which cannot be altered or abrogated without due process.

tenure migrants

Protected area occupants who have been actually, continuously and presently occupants who have been actually, continuously and presently occupying a portion of the protected area for five (5) years before the proclamation or law establishing the same as a protected area, and are solely dependent therein for subsistence.

tenured migrant communities

Communities within protected areas, which have actually and continuously occupied such areas for 5 years before the designation of the same as protected areas in accordance with RA 7586 and resolvedly dependent therein for subsistence.


The size and proportional amount of woody elements.

threatened species

Species or subspecies considered critically endangered, vulnerable, or other accepted categories of wildlife whose population is at risk of extinction.


Rainfall that falls directly through a vegetative canopy or is intercepted by vegetation and then drips to the ground.

tiger grass

A member of the grass family where the inflorescent or flower stalks is used in making broom.


Wood material which include standing trees in a form suitable for construction, carpentry, joinery, or reconversion for manufacturing purposes.

timber harvesting

Removal, extraction, or cutting of timber from natural or plantation forest for human consumption.

Timber License Agreement

A long-term license executed by and between the Secretary of the DENR, on behalf of the government, and the grantee for the harvesting and removal from the public forest of timber and, in appropriate cases, also of other forest products.

Synonyms - TLA
timber stand improvement

Treatments applied before or after harvesting and thinning of saleable products or a forest area, for the purpose of securing maximum, quantity, quality composition, growth rate and condition consistent with other resources and use.

time immemorial

A period of time when as far back as memory can go, certain ICCs or IPs are known to have occupied, possessed in the concept of owner, and utilized a defined territory devolved to them, by operation of customary law or inherited from their ancestors, in accordance with their customs and traditions