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The ability of wood to absorb energy, repeated shocks and undergo considerable deformation before breaking.

traditional use

Customary utilization of biological and genetic resources by the local community and indigenous people in accordance with written or unwritten rules, usage, customs and practices traditionally observed, accepted and recognized by them.


A woody and perennial plant, typically large and with a well-defined stem or stems carrying a more or less definite crown; sometimes defined as attaining a minimum diameter of 12.7 centimeters and a minimum height of 4.6 meters at maturity with no branches within 1 meter.

tree farm

Any small forest land or tract of land purposely planted with tree crops.

tree height

The total height of the tree measured from the ground to the tip of the crown.

tree marking

The process of marking trees to be harvested and those to be left to as residual which will form the future crop of timber.

tree park

A particular area within a barangay city or municipality which has been identified by an LGU and delineated by DENR exclusively for growing trees of any kind, flowering ornamental, that have scenic, aesthetic and ecological value.

tropical forest

Any type of forest within the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.

tropical rainforest

A type of forest found in areas with high regular rainfall and no more than two months of low rainfall, and consisting of a completely closed canopy of trees that prevents penetration of sunlight to the ground and discourages ground-cover growth.