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Bark or lack of wood from any source on edge or corner of a piece.


Any variation from a true or plane surface including bow, crook, cup, and twist or any combination thereof.

water pricing

The process of prescribing appropriate value of water with due consideration of its use and non use values applying accepted methodologies.

water quality

The characteristics of water which define its use in terms of physical, chemical, biological, bacteriological or radiological characteristics by which the acceptability of water is evaluated.

water resources

Refers to the quality and quantity of water produced naturally as one of the Earth's major resources.

water rights

The privilege granted by the government to appropriate and use water.

water timing

The among of runoff (stream flow) for a given period, measured in terms of low and high flows.

water use

Use of water by agriculture, industry, energy production and households, including in-steam uses such as fishing, recreation, transportation and waste disposal.


A land area drained by a stream fixed body of water and its tributaries having a common outlet for surface runoff.

Synonyms - river basin,catchment,drainage,basin
watershed management

The process of guiding and organizing land and other resource uses in a watershed to provide desired goods and services without adversely affecting soil and water resources.

watershed reservation

A forest land reservation established to protect or improve the conditions of water yield thereof or reduce sedimentation.


The mechanical or chemical disintegration and discoloration of surface of wood caused by exposure to light, action of dust and sun carried by wind, and alternate shrinking and swelling of surface fibers brought about by changes in the weather.


Wide variety of inland habitats such as marshes, peatlands, floodplains, rivers and lakes, and coastal areas such as saltmarshes, mangroves, intertidal mudfats and seagrass beds, and also coral reefs and other marine areas no deeper than six (6) meters at low tide, as well as human-made wetlands such as dams, reservoirs, rice paddies and wastewater treatment ponds and lagoons


round shape material, with size ranging from 2 to 10 millimeters in diameter, processed from the core of the rattan pole, usually used for weaving.

Synonyms - Rattan Round Core
wilderness area

Land of the public domain which has been reserved as such by law to preserve its natural conditions, maintain its hydrologic quality and restrict public use in the interest of national welfare and security.