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Collectively, wild forms and varieties of flora and fauna, in all developmental stages, including those which are in capacity or are being bred, fed, or propagated.

wildlife by-products

Parts taken or substances extracted from wildlife, in raw or in processed form.

Synonyms - wildlife derivatives
wildlife management

The practical application of scientific and technical principles to wildlife and population and habitat so as to maintain or manipulate such population essentially for recreational or scientific purposes.

wildlife refuge

An area designated for the protection of wild animals, within which hunting and fishing are either prohibited or strictly regulated.

Synonyms - wildlife reserve
wildlife sanctuary

An area which assures the natural conditions necessary to protect nationally significant species, group of species, biotic communities or physical features of the environment which may require specific human manipulations for their perpetuation.

wildlife trade

The act of engaging in the exchange, exportation or importation, purchase or sale of wildlife, their derivatives or by-products, locally or internationally.


A naturally grown seedling transplanted and used in forest planting.


A strip of trees or shrubs used to reduce and redirect wind.


The tissues of the stem, branches and roots of woody plants lying between pith and the cambium.

Synonyms - xylem
wood fiber

A comparatively long (1mm to less than 8mm), narrow, tapering wood cell closed at both ends.

wood processing plant

A set-up of machines for the conversion of logs and other wood raw materials into lumber, veneer, plywood, block board, pulp and paper, or other finished wood products.

wood shingle

A thin piece of wood with one end thinner than the other, lapped lengthwise in covering roofs and other walls of buildings.

wood wastes

The collective term for logging and processing wastes.

wood wool

Long, curly, slender strands of wood used as an aggregate component for particleboard or cement board.

Synonyms - excelsior
wooded grassland

Areas predominantly vegetated with grasses, such as Imperata, Themeda, Saccharum and where the trees cover between 5 to 10% of the area and their height may reach 5 meters at maturity.