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A distortion of a board in which there is a deviation flat wise from a straight line across the width of the board.

customary laws

A body of written or unwritten rules, usages, customs and practices traditionally and continually recognized, accepted and observed by respective ICCs or IPs.


A portion of a board or plank that is produced by ripping, crosscutting or both.

cutting cycle

The number of years between major harvests in the same working unit and region within a rotation.

Daily Rated Capacity

The maximum volume of output that a mill can produce in one shift of 8 hours based on the actual performance of the machinery/ equipment. Sometimes referred to as true rated capacity.

Synonyms - DRC
damaged tree

Any tree injured beyond the tolerable limit.

Synonyms - damaged residual

Deterioration caused by wood destroying fungi.


Any irregularity or imperfection in a tree, log piece, product, or lumber that reduces the volume of sound wood or lowers its durability, strength, or utility value.


The loss, shredding or removal of leaves from a tree or other plant especially prematurely.


The conversion of forest to another land use or the long-term reduction of the tree canopy cover below the minimum 10% threshold.


A decline in the productivity of an area of land or in its ability to support natural ecosystems or types of agriculture.


A visible separation between plies of veneer or wood assembly due to adhesive failure.


The progressive destruction of a vegetative cover that will lead in formation of dry land condition.


Small pieces of dead and decomposing plants and animals detached and broken down organic fragments or structure, small organic particles such as leaves and twigs.

diameter above buttress

The diameter of a standing tree measured at 0.3 meter from the highest buttress.