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diameter-at-breast height

The diameter of the stem of a standing tree measured of 1.3 meters from the higher ground. DBH usually implies diameter outside bark (DOB) but can be measured as inside bark (DIB).

Synonyms - DBH,diameter breast high
Dipterocarp forest

A forest dominated by at least 50% Dipterocarp species.

domestic water

A portion of runoff water intended for domestic and industrial uses.

dominant trees

Trees with crowns extending above the general level of the crown cover and receiving full light from above and from the sides: larger that the average trees in the stand with crowns well-developed.

drainage area

The horizontal projection of area from which a lake or stream receives surface water originating as precipitation.

Synonyms - drainage basin,river basin,watershed area,watersheds
dressed lumber

Lumber that is surfaced by a palming machine on one side (S1S), two sides (S2S), one edge (S1E), two edges (S2E), or any combination of sides and edges (S1S1E, S2S1E, S1S2E, or S4S).

Synonyms - planed lumber,surfaced lumber

Permanence or resistance to deterioration or breakage.

ecological profile

Geographic-based instruments for planners and decision-makers that presents an evaluation of the environmental quality and carrying capacity of an area.

Synonyms - eco-profile
ecological succession

The gradual change on the species structure and composition of an ecological community over time.

economic instrument

An intervention designed to influence the behavior of those who highly regard the natural environment, utilize it or cause adverse impacts as a side effect of their activities, e.g. user's fee, forest charges, performance bonds, user's right, etc.


A dynamic complex of plants, animal and micro-organism communities and their non-living environment interacting as a functional unit.

ecosystem capacity

In general terms, the concept of ecosystem capacity refers to the ability of a given ecosystem asset to generate a set of ecosystem services in a sustainable way into the future.

ecosystem condition

Overall quality of an ecosystem asset, in terms of its characteristics such as extent, conguration, landscape forms, and climate and associated seasonal patterns.

ecosystem degradation

The decline in an ecosystem asset over an accounting period due to economic and other human activity. It is generally reflected in declines in ecosystem condition or declines in expected ecosystem service flows.

ecosystem resilience

The capacity of natural system to recover from disturbance.