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The stem or trunk of a tree of size sufficient to yield lumber, veneer or poles.


A short section of tree trunk or limb; a short log of a length suitable for peeling in a lathe for veneer.

botanical garden

Establishment where a collection of wild flora is maintained for recreational, educational, research, conservation of scientific purposes.


A unedged lumber produced from a log, which has been live-sawn without passing through the edger and stickered back into its approximate original form.


The distortion of a piece of lumber in which there is a deviation in a direction perpendicular to the flat face from straight line from end to end of the piece.

brash center

The defective core of a log, characterized by abnormal brittleness, which occurs in certain species of tropical hardwoods.

Synonyms - brittle heart
broadleaved forest

Forest with predominance (more than 75 percent of tree crown cover) of trees of broadleaved species.

brown rot

Any decay in which the attack concentrates on the cellulose and associated carbohydrates rather that on the lignin, producing a light to dark brown friable residue.


An area characterized by discontinuous cover of shrubby and noon wood vegetation including grasses.

buffer zone

Identified areas outside the boundaries of and immediately adjacent to designated protected areas that need special development control in order to avoid or minimize harm to the protected area.


A bamboo species having an erect and thin-walled culm and used (by paper mills in the manufacture of bleach paper) for sawali making, basketry, fences, musical instruments, etc. Scientific name: Schizotachyum lumampao.

built-up area

Composed of areas of intensive use with much of the land covered by structures. It includes cities, towns, villages, strip developments along highways, transportation, power, and communication, facilities, and areas occupied by mills, shopping centers, etc.


The largest native palm species found in the Philippines, with trunks attaining a diameter of 1 meter, height of 20 meters, and with large fan-shaped leaves from which buri braids and raffia are made. Scientific Name: Corypha elata.

buri braids

Interwoven buri leaves, usually bundled in 3 strips, used as raw material for the manufacture of hats, mats, bags, baskets, etc.

buri raffia

Very fine white fibers produced from stripping the young stalks of unopened buri leaves.