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selective logging

A systematic removal of mature, over-mature and defective trees in such a manner that leave adequate number and volume of healthy residual trees of desired species necessary to assure future crop of timber and forest cover for the protection and conservation of soil, water and wildlife.


The smallest subdivision of a forest block which is delimited for the orderly harvesting and removal of merchantable trees in order to minimize damage/injury to the remaining forest land.

settlements' development land use

Declared settlements sites and other reservations (e.g. town sites, military reservations) excluding reservations considered as initial components of the NIPAS Act (i.e. mangrove reservations, watershed reservations, greenbelts, wildlife, among others).


A separation along the grain, the greater part of which occurs between the rings of annual growth.


Strip of trees or shrubs maintained mainly to alter wind flow and microclimates in the sheltered zone, usually agricultural fields.


Reduction in dimensions of wood due to the lowering of moisture content below the fiber saturation point.


Land where the dominant woody vegetation are shrubs, generally of more than 0.5 meter and less than 5 meters in height in maturity and without a definite crown. The growth habit can be erect, spreading or prostate. The height limits for trees and shrubs should be interpreted with flexibility, particularly the minimum tree and maximum shrub height, which may vary between 5 to 7 meters approximately.

Socialized Industrial Forest Management Agreement

An agreement entered into by and between a natural or juridical person and the DENR wherein the later grants to the former the right to develop, utilize and manage a small tract of forestland, consistent with the principle of sustainable development.

Synonyms - SIFMA
Socialized Industrial Forest Plantation

A tract of land planted primarily to trees and non-timber species such as rattan, bamboo, etc. to support manufacturing and processing facilities and to supply wood and energy requirement.

Synonyms - SIFP

The wood and trees of the gymnosperms with tracheas (instead of vessels) as conducting elements.

soil and water conservation

A field of human endeavor included in the concept of "watershed management" but specifically devoted to the effective use of water resource for human good.

soil erosion

The detachment and transport of soil materials brought about by water, surface runoff, wind, gravity, earthquake and others. It could be man-induced or geological (nature process) in nature.

Special Account in the General Fund

Trust fund deposited in the national treasury representing 25% of the revenues generated from the operation of individual protected area and earmarked to support the NIPAS.

Synonyms - SAGF
special permit

A short-term permit granted for the cutting, hauling and transportation of forest products.

special use zones

An area outside of a declared protected area covered by a permit given for special use such as bathing permit, right of way, etc.