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tropical rainforest

A type of forest found in areas with high regular rainfall and no more than two months of low rainfall, and consisting of a completely closed canopy of trees that prevents penetration of sunlight to the ground and discourages ground-cover growth.

uneven-aged forest

A forest which is not regularly managed and have an increment in volume less than 1 m³/ha/year in the foreseeable future. Generally, the term also includes protection forest in critical watersheds.

urban area

An area within city limits or densely populated containing built-up elements of residential, commercial, industrial or institutional sector.

urban forestry

The establishment and management of forest in urban environment for physiological and psychological well-being of the people.


The total mass of plant life that occupies a given area.


A thin sheet of wood, plies, sawed or rotary cut from a log or a flitch.

vessel element

A tubelike cellular component of indeterminate length in hardwood.

vulnerable species

Species or subspecies that is not critically endangered nor endangered but is under threat from adverse factors throughout their range and is likely to move to the endangered category in the near future.


Bark or lack of wood from any source on edge or corner of a piece.


Any variation from a true or plane surface including bow, crook, cup, and twist or any combination thereof.

water pricing

The process of prescribing appropriate value of water with due consideration of its use and non use values applying accepted methodologies.

water quality

The characteristics of water which define its use in terms of physical, chemical, biological, bacteriological or radiological characteristics by which the acceptability of water is evaluated.

water resources

Refers to the quality and quantity of water produced naturally as one of the Earth's major resources.

water rights

The privilege granted by the government to appropriate and use water.

water timing

The among of runoff (stream flow) for a given period, measured in terms of low and high flows.