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Protection of plant and animal habitat including the management of renewable natural resource with the objective of sustaining its productivity in perpetuity while providing for human use compatible with sustainability of the resources.

consumptive use of water

The quantity of water transpired and evaporated from cropped area or the normal loss of water from the soil by evaporation and plant transpiration.

contiguous zone

Water, sea bottom and substratum measured twenty-four nautical miles (24 n.m.) seaward from the base line of the Philippine

contingent valuation

Method of valuation used in environmental resources accounting involving the construction of hypothetical markets, as reflected in its willingness to pay for potential environmental benefits or for the avoidance of their loss.


Containers consisting of two round heads and a body composed of staves held together with hoops, such as barrels and kegs.

corrugated board

The fluted paperboard after it has gone through the corrugating operation and before it is pasted to the flat facing board sheets.

critical habitat

An area outside protected areas that is known to be a habitat of threatened species and designated as such based on the best scientific data taking into consideration species endemicity or richness, presence of man-made pressures or threats to the survival of wildlife living in the area, among others.

critical watershed

A drainage area of a river system supporting existing and proposed hydroelectric power, irrigation works or existing water facilities needing immediate protection and rehabilitation to minimize erosion and improve water yield.

critically endangered species

Species or subspecies that is facing extremely high risk of extinction in the wild in the immediate future.


The distortion of lumber in which there is a deviation, in a direction perpendicular to the edge, from a straight line from end-to-end of the piece.


A piece of timber of rectangular or square section prepared for attachment to a pole, and generally used for the purpose of carrying wires for telecommunication or electrical service.


Layers of wood placed with a grain at right angels to that of face plies in order to minimized shrinking and swelling , particularly in plywood of five or more plies.


Lumber and logs that do not meet the lowest quality standard.

cultivated land

Land not classified as forest or other wooded land used by man for agriculture or pastures.

cultural zone

A portion of the protected area, which has significant cultural, religious, spiritual or anthropological values where traditional rights exist and ceremonies and cultural practices take place